How we work

Step one
We assess your potential claim for compensation by asking you to complete our free online assessment questionnaire – Click here to find out if you have a claim.

Step two
Once you have completed our online immigration questionnaire, if your potential claim for compensation has been accepted and we can help you, we will ask you to complete our online claim questionnaire and submit it to us.

Step three
If there is insufficient information in your questionnaire for us to reach a decision we will tell you and ask you for more information. We may at this stage either telephone you or write to you for the additional information.

Step four
We will assess your completed claim questionnaire and if we believe, at that stage, you have a case for compensation and we can help you we will take on your case.

Step five
We will agree with you at the start of the case how the legal expenses will be dealt with

Step six
We will obtain any evidence, or liaise with you to obtain the necessary evidence to give you the best chance of winning your claim for compensation.

Step seven
We will send a letter of claim to your opponent. Your opponent will pass this letter on to their insurers and the Insurance Company will have up to three months to confirm whether they will accept or dispute liability.

Step eight
If liability is accepted, we will instruct a Doctor to prepare a medical report in relation to your injuries. If liability is disputed we will advise you whether it is worth commencing court proceedings and what this involves.

Step nine
We will assist in calculating any financial losses to be included in your claim and how much your claim is worth.

Step ten
We will negotiate with the Insurance Company to get the best offer of compensation we can for your approval and act on your behalf to recover the legal expenses involved from your opponents Insurance Company. If a settlement can not be reached we will advise you of your options.

Click here to find out if you have a claim
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